Dental Tourism in Albania

What Services you will get:

Dental Tourism in Albania with ImplantSwiss includes:

  • The best dental experience is just a few hours away from home.
  • Complimentary stay for two people.
  • Personalized Tourist Services.

Do you want to save on high-quality dental treatments and have a free vacation simultaneously?

Us of ImplantSwiss Albania we offer a free stay for two persons: stay at an excellent Hotel/Airbnb only 70 meters away from the clinic and other free services

  • Transport from/to the airport. 
  • Assistance in English/Italian/Turkish for the whole duration of the treatments.

Except your dental treatment, you will also visit:

Dental tourism, born in recent decades, is a branch of medical tourism: people choose to move to places that offer the same dental service but at a much more reasonable price. So the United States and Canada were the first to move toward Mexico, Costa Rica, and Peru. Then Australia moved to Thailand and India. Finally, the Italians chose to rely on dentists in Croatia to do minor dental treatments while on vacation.

Dental tourism in Albania was born more than ten years ago, with the first Albanian patients who lived in Italy and used the summer holidays to take care of their teeth in a low-cost way. They were the first to recommend dental tourism to Italian friends as a way to save up to 60%. But today, dental tourism has become a very organized system. Many clinics also offer ticket assistance, transport from the airport, accommodation, and even tour guides.

Economy and Savings

“Save up to 50%” is what all dental clinics advertise, but is it so? In Albania, everything costs less, and this gives you the chance to smile again with new teeth, save half, be a tourist, and relax for some days. The lowest prices of dental treatments are in the same line as all other cheap services in Albania.

ImplantSwiss Albania is equipped with ISO 9001 Quality Certificates, and all materials they use have the CE mark.

The success of all Swiss products lies in the perfectionist approach in each step of the process. That Swiss precision is the secret behind the success of Implantswiss quality.

Using the ERP software system, each Implantswiss product can be easily traced from production to delivery.


Professionalism and Lifetime Warranty

Our dental tourism program offers both types of dental care; general and specialized dental care. Available dental care includes tooth scaling, professional cleaning, air polishing, simple fillings, root canal treatments, professional tooth whitening, and more.

While specialized dental care, such as complex restorative treatment, crowns, prostheses, oral surgeries, implants, and more, is carried out by our dental Albanian and Italian specialists.

The demand for dental care is considered to be non-emergency-dominated. Therefore our experience in dental tourism with planning ahead of the dental treatment has been consistently well organized and with positive results.

ImplantSwiss Albania, as a private establishment, is determined to further enhance the dental tourism industry. Our goal is to satisfy all our actual patients and motivate our potential patients to travel to Tirana for high-quality dental care.