Dental Crowns in albania

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The dental crown is a perfect solution, which gives excellent aesthetic results and protects the tooth from various infections, makes it more resistant and avoids fracture, and improves the chewing function.

First, the tooth is prepared for applying the crown, adapted to its shape. Before being encapsulated, the tooth must be devitalized to avoid discomfort or pain; then, it will be smoothed, removing a part of its enamel. Finally, it is reconstructed with an endocrinal pin and fills up to the right thickness to facilitate crown encapsulation insertion.

The impression is then taken, and the artificial crown is made; while our technicians in the laboratory complete the final peak, a temporary crown is applied.

The last step of the process is to apply the final crown perfectly adherently to the base of the tooth, which will be cemented to the underlying tooth (or implant) with unique adhesive material.

The single crown is also applied to the implant. The implant works as a new artificial root for the crown that replaces the missing tooth.

Crowns in ImplantSwiss Albania are made respecting the natural shape and color of the teeth, improving the aesthetics of the smile.

Types of dental crowns

All-Ceramic Crowns (Empress, Emax)

Dental Crown in Zirconium-Ceramic

Metal-Ceramic Dental Crown

The Dental Crown in Metal Resin

The all-metal Dental Crown

Empress Crowns in albania
Dental Crowns in albania
Dental Crowns in albania
permanent crown resin
Full Metal Crown in albania

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