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Dental implantation – what is it?

A dental implant is the artificial root of the tooth. During implantation, the implant is screwed into the jaw. It replaces the root of the missing natural tooth. When the implant is attached, an artificial tooth, called a dental crown, is screwed on it.

Loss of tooth implants allows us to restore the root of the tooth and perform prosthetics, without damaging the adjacent teeth. The prosthesis restores 80% of the chewing function. This means that the patient can completely chew soft and hard food, but must avoid very solid foods, such as fried bread and nuts.

Implants hold an artificial crown or dental bridges in the same way that the roots hold the tooth in place. Dental implants help to recover lost teeth without damaging nearby teeth. Implants can restore an individual tooth or the entire toothless jaw.

The dental implantation procedure consists of the following main steps:
  • Consultation, preparation of a treatment plan.
  • Implantation, temporary prostheses.
  • Periodic Control
  • Permanent crown prosthesis on implants.
Dental Implants in Albania

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